I'm Alina.

I am a recent graduate from Arts University of Bournemouth in the UK, always striving to get to the heart of the brief and find a unique perspective.

I love storytelling and in 2nd year I created a short motion graphics sequence based on a poem to raise awareness for a mental health charity. Creating the sequence in 11 days, I taught myself After Effects, sound and how to film live action. This project received a Highly Commended awards in the Creative Conscience 2020.

I am keen on all stages of the design process, but idea generation is where I feel most inspired. I particularly value exploring ideas, scamping and visualising them as well as developing concepts. For my final year, I created a virtual website idea for a dating experience, suggesting through interactive play the physicality of a real date. This project won 1st place in the Firestarters Dragon Rouge competition. 


My Cuban background makes me never take things for granted. I believe that difficulties make you resourceful and this principle motives me to work hard and be the best I can be.

I am excited for the future and what I could bring to the design world. It would be a delight for me to discover new areas of design, work with new people and contribute to your projects.

Please get in touch!


TEMPLO, London

Design Intern


Vrijdag Printing Company, Netherlands
Packaging design for a self-directed project.

Genesis Imaging, London
Shadowing the Creative Director.

Alzara Grupo de Comunicacion, Spain
General design study support.


Find my CV attached here