Am. With every morning a new beginning.

Project type

Branding, Packaging Design

This is a self-directed design project that centres in creating the packaging for the premium skincare brand Am. The concept is that with each sunrise a new beginning is given for the care of your skin. Their target audience is women in their 30s that look for products concentrated in natural essential oils that will revitalise and nourish the skin.

I was offered an internship at Vrijdag Printing Premium, in Netherlands, where I learnt the stages that are undertaken in the printing process. The prepress technicians there, taught me how to use softwares like Packz and ArtPro to ensure that all the corrections in the packaging were made as needed before the full print.

I opted for the foil to be high gloss finish and for the logo to be embossed, giving the overall design a more high-end look.​  |  Tel: +44 7908099773

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