Intrusion. The story of nature and our relationship to it.

Project type

Editorial design, Collage

Intrusion is a publication featuring collages that address a range of environmental problems caused by human activity. Alongside the images, text extracted from ‘The Unhabitable Earth’ by David Wallace-Wells and statistics from separate sources, will inform the reader on the drastic changes that have already occurred to the environment and on what’s to come if humans don’t prevent the damages from their ‘intrusion’. 


The publication aims to explore the concept of man and nature and the irony that even when aiming for the best results, humanity forgets nature and stops behaving according to its own principle. Using the medium of collage offered the possibility to comment on different environmental issues like overpopulation, ocean acidification, deforestation and global warming. However, the publication ends on a good note, showcasing the new generation planting the seed for a better future where renewable energy is used.