Loveground. Where magic happens. 

Project type

UX design, Service design, Web design


For this brief, Firestarters Dragon Rouge set the challenge to choose a real-life experience and recreate it in the digital world, swapping the reality outside for the virtual reality inside our screens. Real life dates, like many things, disappeared overnight. As a result, many dating apps have responded encompassing ‘virtuality’ in dating by adding video chat features as a way to stay in touch. However, a recent survey from Hinge showed that one-third of daters feel the transition from messaging to face-to-face conversation can feel daunting and underwhelming. 


​As there is currently no platform that offers a full date experience, the challenge was to make virtual dating feel fun and exciting; encourage daters to participate in a range of activities similar to how a real date would go; and counteract the superficiality of dating apps by fostering a deep connection between individuals through open discussions.


The website will have a horizontal scroll to suggest the idea of the journey taken on a first date. This is emphasized by how the navigation works. To move through the website both cursors have to join. When cursors separate, daters will be able to interact with the features around individually. They will be able to see each other throughout the whole journey through video camera. 


Introducing Loveground – a platform that incorporates a range of activities that aims to encourage conversation between users on a first date. Engaging in different activities together and creating an environment where they can share unique stories, will help them get to know each other better.  

Each section aims to bring something different out of the participant. In this way, daters will be able to tell at the end of the date if they are a good match or not. Interviews were undertaken with the target audience to understand what they consider an ideal date.  

“I want to hear something real and relatable. I can’t stand chit chat.”


- Francisco, 22