Nest. A sustainable future is here. 

Project type

Packaging design, UX design


Nikola Slavov

Uti David

This project was aimed at bringing sustainable packaging into the low-priced supermarket range. In a team, the idea of Nest was created. Nest is an eco-friendly, regenerative delivery service that focuses on bringing to the customers low-priced signature supermarket brands in reusable packaging.

Nest uses predominantly bamboo and cork in its packaging, making the system 100% biodegradable yet reusable. It also rewards customers with each purchase. 

For the development of the app that would accompany the packaging system, I looked at the Octaylsis Framework developed by one of the pioneers in the industry of gamification Yu-Kai Chou. This framework that I customised to fit our system, is based on the original one that lays out the eight core drives for human motivation, making the app a “Human-Focused Design,” as opposed to “Function- Focused Design.” 

The uniqueness of the app is mainly evident in the profile because here the app provides real data to the user on the contribution that their purchase has made to the environment. The user can also compare their progress with other members, creating through the app a community of eco-conscious consumers. 

Through just one app, the user can access a wide variety of the products in the supermarket of their choice, as long as there is a minimal expense in reusable packaged products from Nest.