Passwords. Hacking life.

Project type

Editorial Design

We don't go a day without using passwords. In this publication I represent

the story of Momo Estrella, who after going through a divorce, decided to

use passwords as a mantra to change his life. The password allowed him

to get somewhere, not only in his digital world but in his personal life.


The book comes in a very discreet box tied with elastic bands to suggest the element of secrecy that a password naturally has. The spine contains 8 asterisks to represent the minimum characters required in a password. The box also hints at the fact that Momo is IKEA's head of digital design. The color palette emphasizes this, as does the instruction manual inside.

Content 1-03.jpg

With this publication, I wanted to explore repetition through typography, emulating the many times Momo had to type the password during the day. As the story progresses, the pages become more dynamic and colourful to suggest his motivation in achieving the goals he set himself.


From the first password ‘Forgive@her’ that started it all, each password helped him get closer to finding happiness again. This allowed him to reach the ultimate goal which was to find love again. It is only by tearing the pages out and putting them together, that the reader can see the last password Momo used as the bigger picture.