Carolina Costa E Silva

Uti David

For this brief the Dyson Creative Team challenged us to create a visual identity and marketing materials for SNTech’s flagship product – Pisces. SNTech’s flagship product Pisces, utilises research into how marine life reacts with lights, causing the animals to become attracted to the light source or alternatively retreat from their perceived danger. This technology reduces by catch by up to 90%, making a huge difference for marine life. 

The key problems we addressed look into the sustainability issues that could affect the future of the fishing industry and therefore our target audience, the fishermen.

To grab the attention of the fishermen, we decided to utilise guerrilla marketing for our campaign. The campaign highlights that the fish are aware of their environment and Pisces is enabling them to be heard, raising their voices. 

Pisces. Together we can.

Project type

Branding, Campaign


Our final logo took inspiration from three core values that we thought Pisces reflected. Innovation, with its unique technology that enables the fish to detect Pisces. Transformation, because it could have a huge impact on the sustainability improvements and last but not least compassion, because it’s about humans being able to improve not only their quality of life but of the species we so heavily rely on. 


When thinking about how to convey the message to our target audience, we wanted to emphasize on the idea of unity between humans and nature. Throughout the communication we introduce the headline with ‘Together we can’, representing the voice of the fish that is encouraging the fishermen to come on board and help them resolve the key sustainability problems mentioned in the beginning: Warm waters that affects fish stock, the wrong species taken that could affect the ecosystem and the juveniles caught that could affect their numbers over time. This way we want to empower fishermen to take action for sustainable causes whilst saving time

and money. 


The posters would be located near ports and harbours, where the message could reach fishermen. We also decided to use a hashtag for more exposure. #fishstrike has a double meaning. For fishermen, it hints at the fact Pisces allows for a better catch like a ‘fishing strike’. 

The second meaning will be used for the marketing campaign, that utilizes guerrilla marketing as the tool to grab the attention of fishermen and fishing companies. The fish strike campaign will be held in the most important ports like Peterhead, Scrabster and Lerwick and it will use bold statements that aims at encouraging fishermen’s to take their side and use Pisces as the tool for change.