SpotiSwap. Connecting through music.  

Project type

UX/UI design

Spotify's mission is clear: to help people easily share their content and get people talking about it on their social feeds. Spotify is leading the way in the music streaming service and it wants to stay that way. For this reason, they want to improve engagement and retention in the app. 

Spotify's annual Culture Next report found that 69% of Gen Z and millennials support the idea of finding a sense of community through music. This presents the opportunity for Spotify to go beyond data-driven recommendations of playlists, to empowering users to connect with each other.

Introducing SpotiSwap, a new feature that will give the Spotify community a

glimpse into the multitude of individual experiences that sharing a piece of music

can provide.

Empathise_Artboard 2.jpg

To understand and gain insight into the needs of the user, I started off by conducting a market research. The most important points have been summarised below:

  • Spotify operates in 79 countries.

  • 52% of users listen to Spotify on their phone. 

  • 20% of songs available on the app have never been played.

  • 62% of Spotify users are millennials. 

Empathise_Artboard 3.jpg

I also compared different streaming services based on their strengths and weaknesses, as well as highlighting their key social features. I noticed that most streaming services offered similar options, however, Soundcloud seemed to be on

top with their social features, as it emphasizes the importance of creating a music community. I later did an heuristic evaluation of the user experience offered currently on Spotify's app and desktop version. 

Empathise_Artboard 4 copy.jpg

Before going digitally, I sketched out three different possible solutions. Originally, I had the idea to create a sort of matching up feature inspired by dating apps. I had carried this idea into a high-fidelity wireframe, but after considering the target audience, the idea was simplified to make it feel more user-friendly. From there, Spotiswap took a similar role to shuffling, as this allows the element of discovery to feel more natural and exciting. 

Prototype [Recovered]-03.jpg

At some point, I had the idea to integrate all the three solutions sketched into one. However, I found through user testing that it started to become rather confusing for the user to navigate through all the new features. I decided to strip it down to the most important feature which was to 'swap' with listeners from the Spotify community.


The current feature will allow users to 'shuffle' through community suggested audio with a click of a button. From discovering new music and artists to creating a stronger following for themselves, SpotiSwap will open the doors for sharing, discovering and connecting listeners on Spotify. I created a presentation video, showing how this feature would look like.  

SpotiSwap will open the doors for new discovery between the Spotify community, creating a network of social engagement through music. It will also be featured on the Spotify Wrapped, so users can see the impact of their sharing.