When sadness finds you. Closing Mental Health Gaps. 


Project type

Video production

This brief consisted in creating a short motion sequence using a piece of text as the starting point. The poem “When sadness finds you” by Erin Hanson, inspired me at this early stage to select the theme of mental health. 


I was keen on using design to change stigmas surrounding mental health and encourage conversation that could raise awareness of this issue in a more 

positive light.

The bright and subtle imagery used makes it a great fit for Mind, the mental health charity. Utilising their message Ask Twice from one of their previous campaigns, the video would be displayed in the new feature of IGTV to spark debate. 


Creating a storyboard was crucial in developing my ideas into a more clear and precise sequence. I was mainly inspired by abstract photography and the idea of using metaphors to convey powerful statements. In the storyboard I used a colourful palette, to juxtapose the imagery with the message of the poem and therefore grab the audience’s attention.